Mitch and Lou, The Second Generation

Both Mitch and Lou grew up on the Analy High School football field watching their dad’s coach. Later they both played football for their dads. Mitch played quarterback in the 1970’s and Lou played center in the 1980’s.

Mitch has been the General Manager since 1996, running the day-to-day operations. Since the passing of his dad, he is now one of the co-owners.

Up until 2019 Lou was in the background making sure the equipment was well maintained. In 2019 Lou returned full-time to Coaches’ Corner, leading the technology side of the business, as well as helping the Personal Training Staff with the growing client base.

Serving the community has always been a value for both families. For many years, Lou coached West County Softball and Sebastopol Little League and served as Little League president for 10 years. He has coached football at Analy for over 10 years and served as president of Analy Boosters Club. When not at Coaches’ Corner both Mitch and Lou Volunteer at the Sebastopol Fire Department where they serve as Captain and Engineer. Lou has served for 32 years and Mitch for 22 years. Both have been awarded Firefighter of the Year.

Angela Young, Group Fitness Director

Angela is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified Personal Trainer with special certifications in Cardio Respiratory Training for Fitness and Sports Performance, as well as, Nutrition for Fitness. She is also a National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) certified Group Fitness Instructor. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University and has worked in/with broadcast media for nearly 20 years.

Coaches’ Corners Mission

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where members can come together to improve their physical and mental well-being through personalized fitness programs and exceptional customer service.

In each of the programs we offer at Club Duo, our mission is to cultivate a sense of community while providing a motivating and inspiring environment to both members and staff.